1983-2002 Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award

Recognizing individuals or groups who have demonstrated a significant commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion at The Ohio State University.

Ruth Colker
Leslie M. Fine
Linda S. Houston
Jacqueline J. Royster
Department of Sociology, Undergraduate Student Services

Ms. Adrienne M. Adams
Dr. Brenda Jo Brueggemann
Dr. Raul Herrera
Mr. Allen Zimmerman
“Growing Our Own” Program, Ohio State at Marion Campus

Dr. Chikako I. Cox
Dr. Kenneth M. Hale
Dr. William T. McDaniel
Dr. Rebecca Lee Parker
Dr. Patricia L. Stuhr

Ms. Andrea Karch Balas
Ms. Erica E. Estep
Professor Samuel R. Hodge
Dr. B. Ulysses K. Li
Professor Michael L. Scott

Mr. David E. Harrison
Ms. Noraini Idris
Professor Renee J. Miller
Professor L. Okey Onyejekwe, Sr.
Department of Community Development, University Hospitals
Diop Historical Society, Department of History
Minority Engineering Program, College of Engineering

Ms. D. Michele Basso
Counseling and Consultation Service Staff
Minority Advisory Committee
Dr. Egondu R. Onyejekwe
Study Circle on Racism at The Ohio State University

Mr. Reggie C. Anglen
Dr. Susan M. Hartman
Professor Barbara R. Snyder
Mr. Thomas S. Tucker
Ms. Rose A. Wilson-Hill

Ms. Kathleen M. Clemons
Dr. Suzanne K. Damarin
Ms. Leslie S. Jones
Dr. Roy A. Koenigsknecht
Dr. William E. Nelson, Jr.
Dr. Martha E. Sucheston

Distinguished Affirmative Action Award (1983-1994)

Ms. Yolanda Allen
Dr. Daniel J. Christie
Dr. David A. Culver
Dr. Michael R. Foster
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Science

Marc V. Conte
Ayayi A. Fubara
Ruth Sallee Gresham
Joseph Havlicek, Jr.
Stephen M. Hills
George L. Smith, Jr.
Warren R. Van Tine
Black Graduate Students in Psychology

Dr. Deborah Ballam
Ms. Cynthia Harris
Mr. John Kovalcik
St. Stephanie Shaw
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for the Arts

Dr. Vesta Daniel
Dr. Judy L. Genshaft
Mr. William H. Hall
Dr. Rhonda R. Rivera
Mr. Michael Scarce
Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Dr. Stanley J. Kahrl (posthumous)
Dr. Tania Ramalho
Mr. Stephen E. Wilson
Center for Teaching Excellence
School of Allied Medical Professions

Dr. Bunny C. Clark
Ms. Caroletta D. Curtis
Dr. Wilburn H. Weddington
Mr. Guy L. Reece II, Mr. Norton R. Webster, Mr. Benjamin L. Zox
1988 Homecoming Steering Committee

Mr. Alvin Jackson
Dr. Ernest W. Johnson
Dr. Anne S. Pruitt
Ms. S. Yolanda Robinson
Ms. Elsie Williams-Wilson
Women of Color Consortium

Ms. Linda L. Ammons
Dr. Jean Girves
Dr. John F. Sena
Office of Women’s Services
Voice of Impaired Persons and Supports (VIPS) Newark Campus

Dr. Jose Cruz, Jr.
Dr. Frank W. Hale, Jr.
Ms. Jean Swaino Opliger
Mr. Leroy Pernell
Dr. Felicisima C. Serafica

Dr. Beverly L. Kahn
Dr. Robert M. Kahn
Mr. Richard N. Maxwell
Dr. Mildred M. Munday
Dr. Ethelrine Shaw-Nickerson Process

Mr. Robert E. Georges
Ms. Minnie M. McGee
Dr. Mac A. Stewart
Ms. Peggy D. Wilson
Center for Women's Studies

Dr. Paul D. Isaac
Dr. Laurel W. Richardson
Dr. Joseph F. Stranges
Dr. Howard W. Williams
College of Law

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