1980-1990 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

Honored for their superior teaching, faculty members are nominated by present and former students and colleagues and selected by a committee of alumni, students and faculty.

John V. Chidley - Allied Medicine & Dept Anatomy
Kimberly M. Elam - Dept. of Industrial Design
Lisa J. Kiser - Department of English
Timothy J. Long - Dept. Computer & Infor. Science
William I. Notz - Department of Statistics
Charles J. Quinn, Jr. - Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures
William R. Smith - Department of Geography
Janet Z. Tarino - Department of Chemistry (Mansfield)

Ralph E. Boerner - Department of Botany
Shirley F. Heck - Department of Educ. Theory & Practice
E. Louis Lankford - Department of Art Education
Marlene B. Longenecker - Dept of English/Women's Studies
Sam A. Meier - JANELL
Anna O. Soter - Department of Educational Studies
Peggy D. Wilson - School of Allied Medical Professions
Douglas A. Wolfe - Department of Statistics

James W. Altschuld - Dept. of Educ. Services & Research
R. Kirby Barrick, Jr. - Dept. of Agricultural Education
Roger D. Blackwell - Academic Faculty of Marketing
Josaphat B. Kubayanda - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
L. Alayne Parson - Department of Mathematics
Helen C. Swank - School of Music
Verta A. Taylor - Department of Sociology
Beverly G. Toomey - College of Social Work

Terry Barrett - Department of Art Education
Peter W. Gano - School of Music
James A. Knight - Department of Agricultural Education
John A. Lott - Department of Pathology
Emil E. Miller - Agricultural Technical Institute
Terrell Morgan - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
Williamson Murray - Department of History
James D. Utzinger - Department of Horticulture

William J. Tyznik - Department of Animal Science
Mary L. Schultz - Department of Family and Community
Terry Pettijohn - Department of Psychology, Marion
Larry E. Miller - Department of Agricultural Education
Bradley Chapin - Department of History
William R. Brown - Department of Communication
Keith Brooks - Department of Communication
Neil Andrew - School of Natural Resources

Daniel J. Christie- Department of Psychology, Marion
Bernard L. Erven - Dept. Agricul. Econ. & Rural Sociology
Luciano F. Farina - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
M. Eugene Gilliom - Dept. of Educational Theory & Practice
William L. Heward - Dept. of Human Services Education
Ernest Lockridge - Department of English
John Sena - Department of English
Thomas M. Stockdale - School of Natural Resources

Jack M. Balcer - Department of History
Micheline Besnard-Coursodon - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
John O. Cooper - Dept. of Human Services Education
Joan E. Gritzmacher - Dept. of Home Economics Education
John K. Judy - Department of Animal Science
Grinor Rojo - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
Leila J. Rupp - Department of History
Richard K. Russell - Department of Psychology

Nancy E. Betz - Department of Psychology
Allan R. Millett - Department of History
Frederick C. Dahlstrand - Department of History, Mansfield
Robert L. Hamlin - Dept. of Veterinary Physiology
Craig J. Kirchhoff - School of Music
Judith S. Mayne - Dept. of Romance Langs. & Literatures
Ardine K. Nelson - Dept. of Photography and Cinema
Susan J. Sears - College of Education

Morris Beja - Department of English
Charles Babcock - Department of Classics
Richard W. Bjornson - Dept. of Romance Languages
Bruce E. Bursten - Department of Chemistry
James L. Golden - Department of Communication
Joan R. Leitzel - Department of Mathematics
Curt A. Levis - Department of Electrical Engineering
Raymond H. Muessig - College of Education

Goodwin Berquist - Department of Communication
Rodica C. Botoman - Dept. of Slavic & E. European Lang.
David J. Citino - Department of English, Marion
Lawrence Herman - Department of Law
Edward J. Kane - Dept. of Banking & Monetary Economics
Charles W. Massey, Jr. - Department of Art
Gerald M. Reagan - Dept. of Educ. Research & Fdns.
John W. Vaughn - Department of Classics

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