2023-24 President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service

Faculty members are recognized for their contributions to the development and implementation of university policies and programs through non-administrative roles, while continuing to teach and pursue scholarship.

Eric Bielefeld

Professor and Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing Science
College of Arts and Sciences

Widely recognized for his exceptional leadership and impact, Eric Bielefeld is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and long-term institutional change. As chair of the University Senate’s Council on Academic Affairs, Bielefeld was instrumental in guiding the comprehensive review of the General Education program revision. He also played a vital role in initiatives such as establishing and reviewing certificates and the systematic reviews of centers and institutes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bielefeld was critical in evaluating and affirming approximately 200 distance-learning courses. Leading a small team within a tight schedule, he ensured that these courses met rigorous academic standards by reviewing syllabi and providing essential feedback to faculty. A distinguished audiology and hearing science professional, Bielefeld has contributed extensively to academia and public service. 

Elizabeth Hewitt

Professor, Department of English
College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Hewitt has gained deep respect across the university for her commitment to fairness and equity and to ensuring a transformative student-learning experience. As a two-term member of the University Senate, she was pivotal in addressing fair treatment as chair of the Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee. Hewitt extended her impact by joining the Provost’s Task Force on Faculty Compensation. As director of undergraduate studies, she led a comprehensive English major overhaul, streamlining specializations and enhancing flexibility. She was also instrumental in the department’s successful implementation of Ohio State’s new General Education curriculum. Hewitt’s many accolades include the Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award, the Mid-Career Faculty Excellence Award, and the Paul W. Brown Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching. 

Christopher Jaroniec

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Associate Dean for Research and Creative Inquiry
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor

Christopher Jaroniec’s leadership won praise as he co-chaired the Research Recovery Committee, which was charged with preparing Ohio State, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, to return safely to laboratory and other kinds of research. Additionally, he chaired the COVID-19 Diagnostics Idea Task Force, contributing to the university’s efforts in addressing the pandemic through innovative testing solutions. He has served in numerous other roles, including as associate director of the Campus Chemical Instrument Center nuclear magnetic resonance facility, vice chair for research and administration, interim dean for natural and mathematical sciences, and most recently, associate dean for research and creative inquiry. A highly successful scholar, Jaroniec is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  

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