1990-2000 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

Honored for their superior teaching, faculty members are nominated by present and former students and colleagues and selected by a committee of alumni, students and faculty.

Douglas A. Berman - Law
Alan D. Beyerchen - History
Michael J. Boehm - Plant Pathology
Antoinette Errante - ED P&L
Lisa C. Florman - History of Art
Allison B. Gilmore - History (Lima)
Howard P. Marvel - Economics
Paulette D. Pierce - African American and African Studies
R. Vladimir Steffel - History (Marion)
Linn D. Van Woerkom - Physics

William Ackerman - Department of Geography (Lima)
Scott DeWitt - English (Marion)
Cynthia Dilliard - School of Teaching and Learning
Mark Grimsley - History
Michelle Herman - English
Todd Lowary - Chemistry
Terrell Morgan - Spanish and Portuguese
Diane Sainato - ED PAES
Robert Scherrer - Physics
John Thrasher - Art (Mansfield)

Robert S. Coleman - Department of Chemistry
William J. Davis - Department of Mathematics
Michael J. Earley - College of Optometry
Bernard L. Erven - Department of Agricultural Economics
Lawrence A. Krissek - Department of Geological Sciences
Richard J. Lundman - Department of Sociology
Myroslava Maria Mudrak - Department of History of Art
John J. Skowronski - Department of Psychology (Newark)
John W. Wenzel - Department of Entomology

John Chidley - School of Allied Medicine
Joseph Ferrar - Department of Mathematics
Richard Furnstahl - Department of Physics
Stuart Lishan - Department of English (Marion)
Mike Mangino - Department of Food Science & Technology
Stephen Melville - Department of History of Art
Franklin Proano - Department of Comparative Studies (Marion)
Ronald Solomon- Department of Mathematics
Kathleen Stone - Department of Adult Health & Illness Nursing
Norman Uretsky - College of Pharmacy

Deborah Bainer - Department of Educational Theory & Practice (Mansfield)
Sarah ("Sally") Boysen - Department of Psychology/Psychiatry
Bruce Bursten - Department of Chemistry
Jay Hobgood - Department of Geography
Jerome ("Jerry") Masty - Department of Veterinary Biosciences
Timothy McNiven - Department of Art History (Marion)
Terry Pettijohn - Department of Psychology/Psychiatry (Marion)
Gay Su Pinnell - Department of Educational Theory & Practice
James Rathman - Department of Chemical Engineering
Carl Zulauf - Department of Agricultural Economics

David S. Adams - Department of Sociology (Lima)
Caroline A. Breitenberger - Department of Biochemistry
Pamela Burdette - Department of Home Economics Education
Daniel J. Christie - Department of Psychology (Marion)
Michael Davis - School of Music
John F. Disinger - School of Natural Resources
Brian D. Joseph - Department of Linguistics
William von Hippel - Department of Psychology/Psychiatry
J. Robert Warmbrod - Department of Agricultural Education
Mohamed F. Yousif - Department of Mathematics (Lima)

John Bruno - Department of Psychology/Psychiatry
Josina M. Makau - Department of Communication
Frederick D. Meyers - Department of Engineering Graphics
Antoinette Miranda - Department of Educational Services & Research
Barry Nelson - Department of Industrial Systems Engineering
Joy H. Reilly - Department of Theatre
Deborah L. Tannehill - School of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Joseph T. Zeidan - Department of Judaic/Near Eastern Languages & Literatures

Robert W. Backoff - School of Public Policy & Management
Lawrence A. Brown - Department of Geography
Philip T.K. Daniel - Department of Educational Policy & Leadership
Thomas W. Foster - Department of Sociology (Mansfield)
Patricia A. Lather - Department of Educational Policy & Leadership
Valerie B. Lee - Department of English
Emmalou Norland - Department of Agricultural Education
Frank E. Poirier - Department of Anthropology

John D. Bonagura - Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
James S. Gallagher - School of Music
Ralph Gardner, III - Department of Educational Services
Robert G. Holmes - Department of Agricultural Engineering
William E. Jensen - Department of Plant Biology
Elizabeth A. Stasny - Department of Statistics
Heimtraut F. Taylor - Department of German
Nancy L. Zimpher - Department of Educational Policy

E. Scott Bair - Dept. of Geological Sciences
Virgil E. Blanke - Dept. of Education Policy & Leadership
Vesta A Daniel - Dept. of Art Education
Jane M. Fraser - Dept. of Indust/Sys Engineering
Oliver G. McGee - Dept. of Civil Engr/Engr Mech
James R. McLeod - Dept. of Anthropology (Mansfield)
Milap C. Nahata - Dept. of Pharmacy Practice
Elizabeth A. Segal - College of Social Work

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