2012 President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service

Faculty members are recognized for their contributions to the development and implementation of university policies and programs through non-administrative roles, while continuing to teach and pursue scholarship.
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Jane Case-Smith

Professor and Chair, Division of Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine


Jane Case-Smith’s dedication to her school, to the university and to the profession of Occupational Therapy has been both obvious and complete.

As she has built such a long and successful record of service, Case-Smith’s colleagues point out that her motivation continues to be entirely noble, done for the greater good rather than for any personal gratification.

“Jane does not provide her service to be acknowledged; she does it because she cares, because she wants the best for her students, the school, the university and her profession,” wrote a nominator.

Case-Smith earned her master’s degree from Western Michigan University and her doctorate from the University of Georgia. She came to The Ohio State University in 1990 and has served on dozens of committees and task forces — both university-wide and local to her college and school — including time as chair of the University Senate’s Steering Committee.

“She has been instrumental in helping the school achieve its goals over the last two decades by serving as a catalyst for change and a model for our aspirations,” wrote a colleague.

Case-Smith also takes time to serve the greater Ohio State and the Occupational Therapy communities through service on University Senate, the University Diversity Council, the University Budget Advisory Committee and the Task Force on Women’s Issues. She also is a fellow of the National Occupational Therapy Association and editor of Occupational Therapy Journal of Research.

Wrote a nominator: “Dr. Case-Smith’s significant service and leadership to the profession of occupational therapy is a source of great pride and recognition for the university.”

K. “Cheena” Srinivasan profile picture

K. “Cheena” Srinivasan

Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering


Even after more than three decades as a professor at Ohio State, it is still hard to appreciate the magnitude of “Cheena” Srinivasan’s record of service here.

In his first two decades as part of the Ohio State community, Srinivasan served in leadership positions on College of Engineering committees such as the Graduate Studies Committee and the Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Program. He also has served on dozens of faculty search committees, which resulted in the hiring of numerous outstanding professors. Additionally, Srinivasan has served as the college’s associate dean for research.

“In his capacity as associate dean, Srinivasan established the ground rules for resourcing and the reporting structure for interdisciplinary research centers within the college,” wrote a colleague. “These new ground rules were intended to allow such centers to grow and thrive and were quite successful in doing so.”

His service has only has increased in the past decade; it would be impossible to list the service roles Srinivasan has undertaken over that time, from doctoral programs development to central administrator evaluations to fiscal and budgetary issues committees.

Moreover, Srinivasan has served as chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for 12 years, overseeing projects such as departmental mergers, the construction of Scott Laboratory and significant enrollment increases.

“During his nearly 12 years of leadership as chair, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has grown to become the largest department in the college and has enhanced its reputation nationally and globally,” wrote a nominator.

Explained another nominator: “In all his roles, Cheena is able to remain loyal to his college, yet take a broader university perspective on important issues. This combination of common sense and broad perspective make him a great asset to Ohio State.”

Srinivasan earned his master’s degree from Stanford University and his doctorate from Purdue University.

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Mary Ellen Wewers

Professor, Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion
College of Public Health


As a member of the Ohio State community since 1986, Mary Ellen Wewers has provided incomparable service to both the College of Nursing and College of Public Health. “Dr. Wewers has excelled in university service, in leadership roles, in teaching, advising and mentoring and in research,” wrote a colleague.

Early on, Wewers dedicated her expertise to the College of Nursing, where she served as Graduate Studies Chair and director of the PhD program, a capacity in which she led an innovative curriculum revision.

Beginning with her time in the College of Nursing and continuing throughout her 25-year career, Wewers also has dedicated her time to researching tobacco control and smoking cessation in Appalachia, for which she has received National Institute of Health funding since 1988. “Mary Ellen is a tireless advocate for smoking cessation and has placed a particular emphasis on helping underserved communities,” wrote a nominator.

Currently a member of the College of Public Health, Wewers has served on six public health faculty search committees and is currently representing the college on the Columbus Board of Health. She also has served as acting dean of the college.

Wewers’ broader service includes duty on the Fellowship Selection Committee, the Provost’s Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Athletic Council.

 “Clearly, Mary Ellen Wewers has made a huge impact within the Ohio State community, through her research, teaching and service,” wrote a colleague. Added another: “Mary Ellen Wewers is a dedicated leader, advocate and crusader for public health. She positively impacts not only The Ohio State University and its faculty and students but also the entire community at large. We all benefit from her dedication, spirit and commitment to service.”

Wewers has master’s degrees from the University of Arkansas and from Harvard University and earned her doctorate at the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

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