2014 President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service

Portrait of Philip T.K. Daniel

Philip T.K. Daniel

The William Ray and Marie Adamson Flesher Professor in Educational Administration
Department of Educational Studies


T.K. Daniel’s distinctive bass rumble has been a feature within the ranks of faculty governance at The Ohio State University for decades, and that voice has been one of the most influential in that realm in recent memory.

“He is a wise scholar and extraordinary thought leader,” a colleague wrote in support of his nomination. “His insight is inspiring, and he is adept in helping members of a group move beyond individual positional focus to arrive at a resolution that is in the best interest of the institution.”

Daniel has served four terms on University Senate and currently chairs the Steering Committee. He also has served on the executive committee of the Faculty Council, the Committee of the Evaluation of Central Administrators, the Rules Committee, the Athletic Council, the Faculty Hearing Committee and the Council on Student Affairs, as well as the Faculty Council and Faculty Cabinet — and has served at least one term as chair of each of those save for Student Affairs, which traditionally is chaired by a student.

“What that list cannot capture is Professor Daniel’s talent for keeping a group of faculty on topic or bringing them to consensus so ideas translate into action,” a nominator wrote. “He is a master in effecting change.”

His influence has been especially important recently during debate on semester conversion, lease of parking operations and changes to rules regarding clinical faculty — among many examples.

 “With his academic specialization in higher education and in the law, T.K. Daniel is uniquely qualified to work deliberatively to improve the functioning of the University Senate and to extend faculty participation in shared governance,” a colleague wrote in support of his nomination. “Moreover, his dedication and persistence to this work has been amazing.”

Daniel earned his JD from Northern Illinois University and his EdD from the University of Illinois, Urbana.

Portrait of Terry L. Gustafson

Terry L. Gustafson

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Terry Gustafson has been working to move the university forward since he stepped on campus in 1989 — “his service to Ohio State has been exemplary, deep and impactful,” a nominator wrote. “He is devoted to making certain that Ohio State’s students, faculty and the institution itself are the best they can be.”

Gustafson began advising student organizations shortly after he started here, and — based on his interests and through the coaxing of many an admiring student — has advised 12 organizations, including the Sphinx senior class honorary, and he has been a Faculty Friend in residence halls six years. He likely has advised 500-1,000 students from those direct interactions over the years.

Gustafson also has served on the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Faculty Advisory Committee since 2002, is in his 10th year on the Arts and Sciences Honors Committee and has served on the Study Abroad Committee and the Scholars Advisory Board. He has played a critical role in the development of multiple first-year initiatives and is a member of the team that speaks to new students and their families at orientation.

“He works hard to paint a realistic picture regarding academic expectations but in a way that represents our faculty members as caring educators who are committed to student learning and overall development,” a nominator wrote.

Gustafson also served on the Arts and Sciences Senate during that college’s reorganization from five legacy colleges (including a year as chair); he chaired the university-wide Curriculum Committee for the Quarters to Semesters Conversion; and served on the Student Success Career Implementation Committee.

“Terry has an extraordinary record of service to his department, the College of Arts and Sciences, the university and his profession,” a nominator wrote.

Gustafson earned his PhD from Purdue University.

Portrait of Kay N. Wolf

Kay N. Wolf

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Kay Wolf has risen through the ranks at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences from instructor to lecturer to assistant professor and finally to professor, and over those 25 years, she has been instrumental in helping the school and the university achieve their goals by serving as a catalyst for change and as a model for their aspirations.

“It is apparent from working with Kay for so long that that she does not provide her service to be acknowledged,” a colleague wrote. “She does it because she cares, because she wants the best for her students, the school, the university and her profession, and because she thinks it’s the right thing to do.”

Wolf has led the Dietetics Division since 2004 and the Health Sciences Program since 2008. She has served on nearly every key committee within the school and the College of Medicine, including terms as chair of the college’s Faculty Council and of the PhD task force that created the school’s PhD program proposal (which led to her selection as the first director of education and chair of graduate studies). 

She also has served three terms on University Senate — during which time she co-chaired one of the three Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) subcommittees charged with reviewing 245 semester proposals and 16 college/unit changes required by the semester conversion. She went on to serve two years as CAA chair and is currently in her fifth consecutive year on the council: “Truly exemplary service to the university,” a nominator proclaimed.

“The job of subcommittee chair in 2010-11 took a lot of stamina, enhanced interpersonal skills, strong management skills and a healthy sense of humor,” a nominator wrote. “We were fortunate that Kay Wolf, along with Leslie Alexander and Marilyn Blackwell, all possessed these qualities.”

Wolf earned her PhD from The Ohio State University.

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