Distinguished Service Award - Call for Nominations

The Distinguished Service Award was established by the Board of Trustees in 1952 to recognize individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the university.

Awards are not made on the basis of long, faithful, or loyal service alone, but rather for service that is truly distinguished. Recipients of this award have provided a broad spectrum of services to the university in both official and unofficial capacities.

Suggestion for Award Nominations

The committee is interested in receiving a diverse group of nominees representing as many colleges and units as possible. Please put forth names and brief rationales in support of deserving candidates.

Please submit nominations to Leslie Bleiweiss at bleiweiss.10@osu.edu.

All nominations are considered for three years, therefore, nominations previously submitted need not be resubmitted. However, an update of information already provided will be accepted.

Full Nomination Process

Following a first review, some nominators will be asked to provide additional information, including letters of support, so that nominees may be fully considered for recognition.

Award Guidelines

In establishing the award, the Board of Trustees stated that "the key thought in selecting persons for the award should be distinguished service to The Ohio State University. Such service may be rendered either on or off campus, and by persons either officially connected with the university or not so connected."

Nominees may include those who have served in academic or administrative positions at the university, as well as alumni and other non-university individuals.

Awards are not made on the basis of long, faithful, or loyal service alone, but rather for service that is truly distinguished, defined as "noted, eminent, famous, made conspicuous by excellence."

Customarily, individuals who have received an Honorary Degree or Sullivant Medal from the university are not considered eligible for this award.

Customarily, no faculty or staff member is recognized until at least one year after retirement.

Timetable of Activities

Nominations are accepted and reviewed on a continual basis. Please submit by October 20 for consideration for commencement in the following spring.

Awards are presented at spring, summer and autumn commencement ceremonies.